The MIT Press is pleased to announce the 2018 launch of its new ebook platform, MIT Press Direct, designed to meet the specific needs of scholars. The Press will offer a broad range of books from its distinguished front- and backlist, including significant works in economics, business innovation, machine learning and AI, environment, evolution, and energy. We will include open access titles as they become available. We anticipate making approximately 2500 titles available at launch and plan to introduce new subject collections, including science/technology/society, information sciences, digital humanities, and education in 2019.

Our books will be available at the chapter level and many will be open for annotation via technology.

For more than 50 years, the Press has advanced knowledge by publishing significant works from leading educators and researchers around the globe for the broadest possible access, impact, and audience. With the launch of a dedicated ebook platform we will broadly disseminate iconic, provocative, and transformative scholarship that crosses traditional academic and geographic boundaries.


  • DRM-free
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Complete and subject collections
  • MARC records
  • COUNTER4 usage statistics

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