Art in the Age of Machine Learning

From Leonardo

Art in the Age of Machine Learning

By Sofian Audry

Foreword by Yoshua Bengio

An examination of machine learning art and its practice in new media art and music.





An examination of machine learning art and its practice in new media art and music.

Over the past decade, an artistic movement has emerged that draws on machine learning as both inspiration and medium. In this book, transdisciplinary artist-researcher Sofian Audry examines artistic practices at the intersection of machine learning and new media art, providing conceptual tools and historical perspectives for new media artists, musicians, composers, writers, curators, and theorists. Audry looks at works from a broad range of practices, including new media installation, robotic art, visual art, electronic music and sound, and electronic literature, connecting machine learning art to such earlier artistic practices as cybernetics art, artificial life art, and evolutionary art.

Machine learning underlies computational systems that are biologically inspired, statistically driven, agent-based networked entities that program themselves. Audry explains the fundamental design of machine learning algorithmic structures in terms accessible to the nonspecialist while framing these technologies within larger historical and conceptual spaces. Audry debunks myths about machine learning art, including the ideas that machine learning can create art without artists and that machine learning will soon bring about superhuman intelligence and creativity. Audry considers learning procedures, describing how artists hijack the training process by playing with evaluative functions; discusses trainable machines and models, explaining how different types of machine learning systems enable different kinds of artistic practices; and reviews the role of data in machine learning art, showing how artists use data as a raw material to steer learning systems and arguing that machine learning allows for novel forms of algorithmic remixes.


$45.00 X ISBN: 9780262046183 214 pp. | 7 in x 10 in 40 b&w photos


Yoshua Bengio.


  • “Audry puts machine learning in historical context and provocatively argues for its unique artistic potential. This book is tremendously useful to scholars and artists alike as a source of theoretical footholds and methodological guidance.”

    Allison Parrish

    Assistant Arts Professor, NYU ITP/IMA

  • “Sofian Audry powerfully demonstrates that artists' imagination, labor, and acute social-political awareness is alive and well in our age of machine learning.”

    Chris Salter

    Professor of Computation Arts, Concordia University, Montreal; author of Entangled

  • “The capacity to learn, adapt, even innovate or 'create' has become a deep issue in machine learning art. Audry plumbs the theoretical and ethical dimensions of these matters in this deep dive into behavior, adaptivity, and metamorphosis in computational systems.”

    Simon Penny

    Professor, University of California, Irvine; author of Making Sense