Art School

Art School

(Propositions for the 21st Century)

Edited by Steven Henry Madoff

Leading international artists and art educators consider the challenges of art education in today's dramatically changed art world.





Leading international artists and art educators consider the challenges of art education in today's dramatically changed art world.

The last explosive change in art education came nearly a century ago, when the German Bauhaus was formed. Today, dramatic changes in the art world—its increasing professionalization, the pervasive power of the art market, and fundamental shifts in art-making itself in our post-Duchampian era—combined with a revolution in information technology, raise fundamental questions about the education of today's artists. Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century) brings together more than thirty leading international artists and art educators to reconsider the practices of art education in academic, practical, ethical, and philosophical terms. The essays in the book range over continents, histories, traditions, experiments, and fantasies of education. Accompanying the essays are conversations with such prominent artist/educators as John Baldessari, Michael Craig-Martin, Hans Haacke, and Marina Abramovic, as well as questionnaire responses from a dozen important artists—among them Mike Kelley, Ann Hamilton, Guillermo Kuitca, and Shirin Neshat—about their own experiences as students. A fascinating analysis of the architecture of major historical art schools throughout the world looks at the relationship of the principles of their designs to the principles of the pedagogy practiced within their halls. And throughout the volume, attention is paid to new initiatives and proposals about what an art school can and should be in the twenty-first century—and what it shouldn't be. No other book on the subject covers more of the questions concerning art education today or offers more insight into the pressures, challenges, risks, and opportunities for artists and art educators in the years ahead.

ContributorsMarina Abramovic, Dennis Adams, John Baldessari, Ute Meta Bauer, Daniel Birnbaum, Saskia Bos, Tania Bruguera, Luis Camnitzer, Michael Craig-Martin, Thierry de Duve, Clémentine Deliss, Charles Esche, Liam Gillick, Boris Groys, Hans Haacke, Ann Lauterbach, Ken Lum, Steven Henry Madoff, Brendan D. Moran, Ernesto Pujol, Raqs Media Collective, Charles Renfro, Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Michael Shanks, Robert Storr, Anton Vidokle


$44.95 T ISBN: 9780262134934 392 pp. | 6 in x 9 in 29 b&w illus.


Steven Henry Madoff

Steven Henry Madoff, an award-winning writer, editor, and poet, has written extensively on contemporary art for such publications as Artforum, the New York Times, and Time magazine, and published numerous monographs on leading artists. He is Senior Critic at Yale University's School of Art.


  • Its positive attitude and open-ended, forward-thinking discussions make this text an essential read for anyone considering any kind of arts education.

    Amanda Rataj

    C Magazine


  • Steven Henry Madoff's anthology appears at a particularly apt moment, as the development of social, research-based, and post-studio forms of artistic practice raise questions about central tenets of traditional art education. With essays and discussions by important theorists, artists, and curators, this book lays the ground for a critical debate on the future of the art school.

    Bruce Altshuler

    Director, Program in Museum Studies, New York University

  • An indispensable source of experienced voices: artists, teachers, theorists, art historians, critics, administrators, former students, curators. Art School is an amazing cross-section of art world contributors providing as complete a picture as is imaginable on the needs and possibilities of the art school in the 21st century.

    Garry Kennedy

    former President and Professor Emeritus, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design


  • Winner, Trade Typographic Category, 2010 AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show.