Delinquent Elementals

Delinquent Elementals

The Very Best Of Pagan News

Edited by Phil Hine and Rodney Orpheus

A fascinating glimpse into the pagan counterculture, from the “Satanic Panic” to “occulture.”

Distributed for Strange Attractor Press




A fascinating glimpse into the pagan counterculture, from the “Satanic Panic” to “occulture.”

Delinquent Elementals: The Very Best of Pagan News collects some of the finest articles, news reports, interviews, and humor that appeared in this singular publication, providing a fascinating glimpse into the pagan counterculture. It charts the historical timeline of the Satanic Panic scandal of the late 1980s, documents previously uncollected information, and provides a wide selection of practical knowledge and insight into occult practice. It reveals how occult practitioners interacted with the wider culture—bringing about what is now termed “occulture”: the intersection of esoteric themes with popular culture, political activism, and the struggle for LGBTQ rights and recognition.

Wonderfully unpretentious and absurdly funny, this is the definitive guide to the magazine that redefined the nature of late-twentieth century occultism.


$19.95 T ISBN: 9781907222931 352 pp. | 6 in x 8 in


Phil Hine

Phil Hine is a British writer, book reviewer, and occultist. He became known internationally through his written works Pseudonomicon, Condensed Chaos, and Prime Chaos, as well as several essays on the topics of chaos magic and Cthulhu Mythos magic.

Rodney Orpheus

Rodney Orpheus is a Northern Irish musician, record producer, writer, lecturer, and technologist. He is known for his work with the musical group The Cassandra Complex and for his book on the magick of Aleister Crowley, Abrahadabra.