School of Missing Studies

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School of Missing Studies

Edited by Bik Van der Pol

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The School of Missing Studies started in 2003 as an initiative of artists and architects who recognized “the missing” as a matter of urgency. Investigating what culture(s) laid the foundations for the loss we are experiencing from modernization and how this loss can talk back to us as a potential site of learning, the School of Missing Studies is calling for a space to turn existing knowledge against itself to affect our capacity to see things otherwise, to trust that seeing, and to set one's own pedagogical terms.

Sandberg Series n°1

Copublished with Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam

ContributorsLiz Allan, Bik Van der Pol, Charles Esche, E. C. Feiss, Laymert Garcia dos Santos, Sarah Pierce, Eloise Sweetman, Paulo Tavares, Nato Thompson


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Bik Van der Pol