Dorothy Max Prior

Dorothy Max Prior is a writer and artist living in Brighton. In other lives, Max was a punk muse, post-punk drummer, and exotic dancer. Somewhere along the way, she has taught ballroom dancing and toured the world as a street theater performer, choreographer, director, and cabaret dancer.

  • 69 Exhibition Road

    69 Exhibition Road

    Twelve True-Life Tales from the Fag End of Punk, Porn & Performance

    Dorothy Max Prior

    A vibrant, wry, and engaging account of life as an adventurous, queer young person in late 1970s London discovering themselves as an artist, and an individual.

    While working as a photographer's model, gallery usher, and exotic dancer, Dorothy “Max” Prior witnessed the births of Adam and the Ants, The Monochrome Set, The Sex Pistols, and Throbbing Gristle, as well as drumming in her own cult band Rema Rema and recording with Industrial Records.  

    Her exuberant commentaries, each presented as a stand-alone episode, illustrate the multilayered nature of the London music, art, and fashion worlds of the late 1970s, and the overlap between the early punk scene with the city's rapidly evolving club and queer cultures.

    • Paperback $24.95