Eric H. Lenneberg

  • New Directions In The Study Of Language

    Eric H. Lenneberg

    An excellent and readable cross section of language research at mid-century, New Directions in the Study of Language presents the viewpoint of the psychologist, biologist, and anthropologist in general discussions which highlight both new and unresolved problems deriving from the nature and origin of language. It is the broad and general context that is the concern of the contributors, rather than a reporting of specific research. Current and highly original opinions about language research are advanced in brief and readable presentations.

    The first four contributions to this volume afford a wide-scope view of language problems with broad implications for various fields of inquiry—maturation, social anthropology, human biology, and experimental psychology—while the final two discussions are more specifically concerned with one important area in the psychology of language, primary acquisition of speech and language.

    The original inspiration for this volume derived from a symposium at the XVIIth International Congress of Psychology held in Washington in August, 1963, organized by Dr. Lenneberg.

    This book will be read by a wide audience including psychologists, linguists, anthropologists, speech therapists, and behavioral scientists. As has been already noted, its general treatment and readability will undoubtedly prove inviting to the non-specialist as well.

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