Frederick Naftolin

Frederick Naftolin is Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology, Yale Medical School.

  • Basic Reproductive Medicine, Volume 2

    Reproductive Function in Men

    David Hamilton and Frederick Naftolin

    This second volume in the five-volume series, Basic Reproductive Medicine closely follows publication of Volume 1, Basis and Development of Reproduction (Fall 1981), which treats the general aspects of the subject from conception through gestation to birth and the subsequent stages of human growth and development. Books in the series are all designed to be both comprehensive and up-to-date in covering the subject from a biologically fundamental, preclinical point of view.

    Volume 2 opens with an introductory Overview of the Male Reproductive Tract in the Human, by David W. Hamilton. This is followed by nine chapters: Anatomy and Functional Organization of the Testis, Don W. Fawcett; Spermatogenesis, Martin Dym; The Human Spermatozoon, Gary E. Olson; Testicular Steroidogenesis in the Male, Jeffrey Pudney; Tumors of the Human Testis, Elwin E. Fraley. Proliferative Diseases of the Prostate: Anatomy, Pathology, and Hormone Effects, I. Leav and P. Ofner; Erection, Ejaculation, and Examination of the Ejaculate, David W. Hamilton; Endocrinology of the Fertile and Infertile Male, Helena Wachslicht and Richard J. Sherins; and Approaches to Fertility Control in the Male, Don W. Fawcett.The three remaining volumes now in preparation will cover the reproductive function in women, pregnancy and fetal biology, and female diseases and reproductive management.

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