Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh

Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Babson College. He is the author of The Chaotic Imagination (2010); Inflictions (2012); The Radical Unspoken (2013); Insurgent, Poet, Mystic, Sectarian (2015); Omnicide: Mania, Fatality, and the Future-In-Delirium (Urbanomic/Sequence Press, 2019); and Night: A Philosophy of the After-Dark (2020).

  • Omnicide II

    Omnicide II

    Mania, Doom, and the Future-in-Deception

    Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh

    An infernal catalogue of manic visionaries, inspired by the poetry of the Middle East.

    In a new work in which conceptual elaboration, storytelling, and poetics are fused in the infernal heat of the desert, the cycle of Omnicide draws to a close with a philosophy of doom, deception, and the game, plunging headlong into the inevitable, the fatal, and the infinite.

    A series of controlled combustions fuelled by fragments drawn from the poetry and literature of the Middle-East, Omnicide II introduces us to a new cast of manic visionaries, from the Selemaniac to the Crystallomaniac, the Bibliomaniac to the Aeromaniac. Amid war cries and lullabies, mages, wolves and pelicans, sabers and crystals, drones and soul-stealers, and in settings ranging from opium dens to Qatari luxury hotels, Mohaghegh's unique style and methodology, dizzying breadth of references, and implacable will to follow the most deranging lines of thought and evoke the most startling images, draw the reader into territories disturbing and unfamiliar, atmospheres delicate and grotesque, moods morbid yet life-affirming.

    The utterly absorbing music of Mohaghegh's writing both lulls and disquiets—a contemporary Necronomicon, an inexhaustible treasury of recipes for disaster, catastrophe, ruination and destruction, all in the name of the most intense creation.

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  • Omnicide


    Mania, Fatality, and the Future-in-Delirium

    Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh

    A fragmentary catalogue of poetic derangements that reveals the ways in which mania communicates with an extreme will to annihilation

    What kind of circumstances provoke an obsessive focus on the most minute object or activity? And what causes such mania to blossom into the lethal conviction that everything must be annihilated? There is no turning away from the imperative to study this riddle in all its mystifying complexity and its disturbing contemporary resonance—to trace the obscure passage between a lone state of delirium and the will to world-erasure..

    A fragmentary catalogue of the thousand-and-one varieties of manic disposition (augomania, dromomania, catoptromania, colossomania…), Omnicide enters the chaotic imaginations of the most significant poetic talents of the Middle East in order to instigate a new discourse on obsession, entrancement, excess, and delirium. Placing these voices into direct conversation, Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh excavates an elaborate network of subterranean ideas and interpretive chambers, byways, and burrows by which mania communicates with fatality. Like secret passages leading from one of the multitudinous details of a bustling Persian miniature to the blank burning immanence of the desert, each is a contorted yet effective channel connecting some attractive universe (of adoration, worship, or astonishment) to the instinct for all-engulfing oblivion (through hatred, envy, indifference, rage, or forgetting). A captivating fractal of conceptual prisms in half-storytelling, half-theoretical prose, a rhythmic, poetic, insidious work that commands submission, Omnicide absorbs the reader into unfamiliar and estranging landscapes whose every subtle euphoric aspect threatens to become an irresistible invitation to the end of all things.

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